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Jan 15, 2020

Welcome to another edition of the SwissPats’ How-To Series. In this episode, Heike Reinhart explains why you should learn the local language upon your arrival to Switzerland, as well as where to go, how to go about it and who you should pick.

Heike was born and raised in Germany and spent eight years living in the US developing  a business in education, mentoring and “cross cultural” training.

In Basel she has now established her own business with an emphasis in “cross cultural” training. Heike has provided training for both groups and individuals in Fortune 500 companies in the US. She is bringing together global professional and cultural experience in dealing with cultural diversity. She has taught German to adults and graduate students, and mentored international students studying in the US.

About SwissPats How-To Series:

Unlike our typical show that features a guest or our first-of-the-month What's Happening, our How-To Series is here to help those who are new to Switzerland or even those who have lived here for a long time. Hey, you might’ve forgotten what it was like when you first got here and didn’t know anything.

In our How-To Series, we have sought out those in the known to help you navigate your life here in Switzerland. From getting the train, to taking out your garbage, there are rules, regulations and guidelines that we all need to follow.

A lot of information is out there, but we wanted to bring it to you in a short, bite-sized podcast. Maybe you already have this stuff sorted out, but if you see a newcomer to Switzerland, send them our way and hopefully we can help make that transition to Swiss life a little easier.